Global Optoelectronics Distribution and Manufacturing

Our projects and partners

We are an official distributor of Hikmicro thermal imagers and scopes in Lithuania.

AGM Global Vision is and American night vision and thermal technology manufacturer. We are an official dealer of AGM Global products.

We present a line of our HELLCAT branded products and a HELLCAT market – a web store for thermal, night vision and day time optics.

Sightmark offers industry-leading red dots and hunting scopes. We are an official Sightmark dealer in our region.

SPYPOINT is Canadian made and world known brand of hunting trail cameras. We are and exclusive distributor in Baltic countries.

Leapers UTG is an American brand that specializes in manufacturing and distributing shooting sports and hunting accessories. We are an official dealer of Leapers.


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Dimeka Ltd. was born out of technical and practical experience in the growing revolutionary field of thermal imaging technology.

We are providing the highest quality devices and services on the market since 2015. Our headquarters are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our main purpose is to empower people to see beyond what is possible with the naked eye. To uncover new and revolutionary ways of seeing and exploring the unseen world through the digital eyes of thermal technologies.

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Areas of our expertice


Key part of our business is the search for the up and coming, revolutionary optoelectronics technologies in the world

We work with world leading thermal and night vision brands such as InfiRay, Hikmicro, AGM Global, ThermTec and more.


Our branded HELLCAT product line focuses on the latest cutting edge technology for hunting, search and rescue, law enforcement applications.

It’s the latest tech that is tried and tested, then delivered to you and your customers.

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